current hyperfixations:m1v, dave and bambi, piggy, regretevator!!

Collective pronouns;
collective names;
eel, enphoso, james!!

Dni list!!Basic dni criteria, antifurries, antitherians, antifemboys, antisillys, Vriska kinnies/enjoyers/lovers (unless were okay with you, sorry we just rlly dont like vriska!!), ppl overly obsessed with gore (like... a LOT), lolicons/shotocons, proshippers, antiradinclus, etc!!

Trigger list!!Vary between alters, but in general is nsfw, realistic gore, mentioning of extreme injury in detail, ppl who disrespect our identity and pronouns, self harm/suicide, SYRINGES.

warnings!!sometimes we go semiverbal mid conversation, usually it means a mood swing just hit us or something mentioned made us stressed but a lot of times itll just happen for no reason. Same for nonverbal. We are hypersexual!! We never want to ignore people but we do have an issue where we tend to ignore or neglect people and isolate ourselves alone with the same 1-3 people or just by ourself. This can be short or long, but im rlly sorry if it happens. We are terrible at interactions and require other ppl to send messages to us first!!! If any of us are upset or stressed or genuinely dont want to talk, it will be made known. we have autism and adhd, and MOST LIKELY borderline personality disorder (bpd)!! so srry if we come off as obsessive :(

Close ppl list!!!Also applies to when our status is dniuc (do not interact unless close)!!!our psys!!
sai (+ rest of u guys)!!
The ClownCar Collective!!

Have a silly day~!! <3